New Year’s Eve Compulsive Gamblers Stop Their Gambling Addiction

New Year's Eve Compulsive Gamblers Stop Their Gambling AddictionEach years as New Years Eve approaches, compulsive gamblers search to find a solution to their gambling addiction. Their number one goal is to face their addiction and finally change their life to a less self destructive mode. Most compulsive gamblers often know how self destructive their life has become as their gambling addiction intensified. These people know they have a problem and truly want Continue reading

Creating Your Vision

Creating Your VisionWhat do you want out of life? People have dreams all the time but for many people that’s all it is-a thought in the mind. A vision is different than a dream. A vision is a necessary first step in building a new and desirable future. But crafting a vision requires conscious thought and concerted effort.

The problem with dreams is that they are fleeting and amorphous, without substance and not based Continue reading

A Word About Leadership – Part 5 – Everyone Needs to Be a Hero – Sometimes

A Word About Leadership - Part 5 - Everyone Needs to Be a Hero - SometimesA few words about humility:

A few times I have had the privilege of counseling people who were preparing themselves for a job interview. I would ask a question, and let them speak for a bit.

Inevitably I would have to tell them what I consider “job interview counter intuitive rule #1″:

There is no such thing as humility in a job interview. If for even a moment you read and disagreed, Continue reading

How To Design A Great Leadership Development Program: The Basics

How To Design A Great Leadership Development Program: The BasicsWhen did you first begin to learn the concepts of good leadership? Did you receive formal training? Did someone help you along, or were you just thrown to the wolves to fend for yourself? Unfortunately, too many beginning leaders find themselves to be wolf-bait. If they survive, they might receive some type of “leadership development,” which often emphasizes management principles more than Continue reading

Personal Goal Setting – The Single Most Effective Way to Set Goals

Personal Goal Setting - The Single Most Effective Way to Set GoalsWhen asked to write down their goals in life, many people struggle because they think their goals are trivial compared to some of the Bill Gates and Anthony Robbins of this world. Nothing can be further from the truth if their goals are based on one thing. What is it? Every successful person begins with the “End in Mind.” And it is THEIR end! This makes it different from everyone else and truly worthy Continue reading

Tactics And Strategies Of Leadership

Tactics And Strategies Of LeadershipConsistent patterns of behavior govern the leadership styles. There are certain tactics that are exercised by a leader to influence the followers. There are in all eight fundamental tactics which are used by a leader while leading a group. These tactics are independent of the styles of leadership.

These eight tactics are Direction, Persuasion, Negotiation, Continue reading

What Message Do Your Actions Send?

What Message Do Your Actions Send?If every candidate for any elected office, or for that matter, any politician, were to keep the majority of the promises he states, can you imagine how much greater his leadership would be? One of the reasons that many organizations today seem to face a dearth of effective and meaningful leadership is that far few individuals in positions of leadership dedicate sufficient efforts towards aligning their Continue reading

Evaluating Ourselves by Asking Why?

Evaluating Ourselves by Asking Why?There are many people who are merely doing things around them but didn’t know why? I’ve written this article because of my personal experience as a technology specialist or web and SEO specialist.

I had a friend who needed help so that he can be able to go to school and provide the necessary things he needed in life because his parents didn’t give him full support. Because he really wanted Continue reading

Corporate Anorexic Lethargy

Corporate Anorexic LethargyWe see it in most interviews, most meetings, strategies and decisions. Cleverly it has been perfectly masqueraded in sophisticated concepts such as steering committees, team-work, delegation, “I’ll talk to my people”… you get the point. Not that some of these are not important business concepts. However, one needs to ask themselves, “am I getting involved in these processes Continue reading

Goal Setting is Arguably the Fastest Way to Achieve Business Success

Goal Setting is Arguably the Fastest Way to Achieve Business SuccessIn December many people prepare and write their wish list to Santa. Amazingly there are many similarities to this, and the process of effective Goal setting for your business. You see, with Santa you write out what goodies you want him to deliver down your chimney on Christmas Eve. Well, the great news is that the process of goal setting is exactly the same. However, one main difference is that Continue reading